Tuesday, March 29, 2011


How can I have so little motivation? My husband & I started the South Beach Diet about 6 months ago or longer, we were on it steady for about 2 months, we were losing weight, getting healthier, & enjoying it. Then his grandma got sick & we started going out of town several times in one month (& I don't diet when out of town, blame the lack of motivation we discussed earlier) & now we aren't eating healthy at all & can't find the motivation to start again.
I only blame myself & my love of unhealthy food, but & really gotta start eating healthier! I'm only 26 & I never have any energy cuz all I eat is junk food :( Which is really ridiculous cuz I love veggies! But I also love all things fried :)
So heres what I'm going to do; I am going to restart our diet soon (Why not now? Cuz I have to go grocery shopping first so we have healthy food to eat) & I will blog about our progress, what yummy recipes we are trying, & I will include pics before & after :)
So I would like to thank you now for your support in our endeavors to be healthier people :)

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