Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cutest Kid

Just in case anyone was wondering, Conner Makoa is absolutely, without a doubt, the cutest kid ever! I know some of you are thinking that this title should belong to the child in your life, but trust me on this, I have proof, my little Makoa wins this one :)
Today he had been playing while I was checking my email & he walked over to me making kissing noises :) Already cute right?! So I was talking to him & tickling him & he kept making the kissing noises. So I bent over & gave him a kiss, & then he went off to continue playing. So cute! He wanted a kiss :) I love this kid!
OK so I'm willing to admit that maybe the child in your life amazes you with their cuteness too, so tell us about it! What have they done that made you stop & realize all over again how amazing they are? We are all looking forward to hearing your stories!

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