Saturday, July 5, 2014

Falling in Love with Dallas

Several weeks ago I bought a D Magazine to get ideas on what to do for our anniversary. Last year we walked around downtown & had a great time! So I thought I could find more fun things to do! I have enjoyed the magazine so much that I bought a 2 year subscription to it! So as we find fun new things to do I'll tell you about them :)
We ate lunch at Lockhart Smoke House. The mag recommended the Shoulder Clod for a leaner alternative to brisket. Leaner equaled tough in our experience, but our jalapeno cheese sausage was worth going back for! Also, their jalapeno macaroni & cheese was amazing, and the guy told us at dinner time they have a habanero macaroni & cheese, we will definitely be going back to try that!
For dessert we walked down the street to Emporium Pies. This came as a recommendation from a friend :) I got The Smooth Operator - French silk chocolate with pretzel crust (sweet & salty, one of my favorite flavor combos!) and Hubby got Java the Hutt - A flaky all butter crust filled with a crunchy and salty toffee layer and topped with smooth and bold espresso filling. He loved it!

I love him!!!

Today my mom wanted to go to the Dallas Farmers Market. So we went with her & then took her out to Bishop Arts for lunch. We went to Hunky's for burgers, very good chili cheese burger BTW, and then directly across the street was Emporium Pies! So you know we had to introduce her to our new favorite pie place! This time I got Java the Hutt, Hubby got The Cherry Bomb - Traditional flaky pie crust filled with plump, tart cherries, he got it with ice cream, he liked it but said Java the Hutt was better. Mom got Mellow Yellow - Lemon chiffon pie with crumbly ginger snap crust, the first bite she took made her mouth pucker! She said it was super lemony & she loved it!
I forgot to take any pictures all day! :( But once we got home I made a yummy fruit salad from my Farmers Market goodies!
Red plums, nectarines, blue berries, strawberries, and the cherries we already had from WinCo (I love WinCo!). Just fruit, if you want to make a great fruit salad in my opinion, all you need is fruit! :) And my great-grandma's red Pyrex bowl to mix it together in is a huge plus!

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