Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tourist in Dallas Again

I have a challenge for you, go to your nearest big city, park your car, and walk around. It's amazing what you can stumble across when you aren't hampered by a plan. This course of action is very much not me. However, today Hubby drove towards Dallas as I looked for something fun to do on my phone. I didn't find anything interesting, and he parked... we got out... I asked him where we were going... he said he didn't know! And we had a great time!
One of the first things that happened is a man handed me flowers & told me all I needed to do for them was kiss my Hubby. So I did, then the man said my Hubby could pay for the flowers, genius sales move ;) Since we were celebrating our 6 year anniversary (& he happened to hand me 6 roses) Hubby bought them for me & the man sang us an anniversary song :)
They look lovely in my kitchen :)
This is Fountain Place, the fountains around the building were already turned off for the day, but the building itself is lovely. It is even on the official Art Walk that Hubby & I started last week, & have now checked one more place off our list :)
This is pat of Fountain Place, which is lovely even with the fountains turned off. We want to go back again when they are on to really enjoy it!
We then happened upon this memorial fountain tucked away on the corner of Ross & Akard. It was very secluded & would make a great place for a picnic or some light reading.
As we were walking down the sidewalk I saw the head of this statue sticking up over some foliage. It happened to be the courtyard of The Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art.
The museum was closed for the day, but the courtyard had plenty to see.
This is another place we will be revisiting (We may never need to take another vacation with all the stuff we are adding to our to do list in Dallas)
We found another place great for a picnic on Flora St, they had a line of these tables all painted differently. The smiling flowers was my favorite :)
Art is everywhere!
After we took our picture a wedding party started setting up to take pictures with this mural. It's a great date to get married :)
I recommend the tea & stromboli! Very yummy!
This building really does not look like it belongs in Downtown Dallas! I love the historic signs & buildings that fill Dallas!
We had a long, but fun walk today! Great way to spend our 6 year anniversary! Please share with us your findings when you go on your city tour! Look for the art in everything, the architecture, the sculptures, even the park benches :)

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