Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tourist in Dallas

To celebrate our 6 year anniversary, which is 1 week from today :), we decided to become tourists in our own city. I Googled things to do in Dallas & found an Art Walk that sounded like a lot of fun. We will have to choose another day to complete the Art Walk because we got caught up looking & did not make it very far ;), but we had a great time!
We started out at the Dallas Museum of Art Sculpture Garden.
BTW, I married a sexy man! ;)

We then walked over to see the First United Methodist Church, which was built in 1926. Several of the locations on the Art Walk are chosen for the historical architecture.
I kept pulling, but I couldn't get it to budge!
We decided to go in & explore the Dallas Museum of Art, which took most of the rest of our day, but was well worth it :)
The first exhibit we looked at was Hotel Texas, which displayed the art they put together specifically for JFK's hotel room when he stayed in Fort Worth the night before his assassination, 50 years ago. The pictured piece, Picasso's "Angry Owl", was my favorite piece out of the museum. His little eyes & beak intrigued me.
Francois-Auguste Biard
"Seasickness at the Bal on Board an English Corvette"
Cornelis Saftleven
"College of Animals"
Hubby really liked both of these pieces.
He's a rebel
Outside of the museum we came across a line of Food Trucks. Being a fan of The Food Network & The Great Food Truck Race, we had to check this out!
We decided on an ice cream sandwich truck :) It was sooo yummy! If you are ever in the area I highly recommend the double chocolate cookie with sea salt & balsamic fig mascarpone ice cream!
Hunt Oil Tower
This was not on the official Art Walk, but I think the Architecture is awesome.
That ended our tour of Dallas for the day, although I am looking forward to finishing our Art Walk!
 However, on our way home (after we went to see a movie) we stopped for a snow cone. What is more "Texas" than seeing two horses tied up at a snow cone shop :) I thought this was the perfect ending to our Dallas Tour!
Can I have a bite, please?!
Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? Sometimes it's great to see the same old city from a new perspective!

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