Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pretty Kitty

Today I went to the zoo with the family who is no longer downstairs.
We had so much fun!

Giddy up giddy up
I couldn't believe it, Conner was to the shoulder of an emperor penguin & Elias is taller than an African penguin!
While we were watching the giraffes a caretaker started feeding one right next to us! It was very neat to watch. Then when he ran out of food, the giraffe locked him, then leaned over & licked Elias! He freaked out, it was very funny!
Get out of his way! He can't see over the wheel!
Big brother to the rescue!
Then we found the lions, all sleeping in a huge pile! It was like they wanted to just be petted & loved on!

High five lion!

They were so pretty! I'm glad we got to see them so close!
Before we left we took the monorail around the zoo to make sure we didn't miss anything :)
Elias decided mom's glasses looked better on him ;)
This weeks theme for our photo challenge is Fashion, so while I was looking through the pics I decided this one was perfect! I think Elias is showing excellent fashion sense in mommy's glasses :)
Are you doing anything fun this summer? Any zoo trips in your future?

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