Friday, June 14, 2013

The Kitchen

It has been awhile since I shared our home renovating projects with you! That's not because there haven't been any!
Since this weeks theme for the photo challenge is In The Kitchen, I thought I would share what we have  done in the kitchen.
We started out with very old brown cabinets.  One thing about digital that I haven't quite figured out yet is how to organize my pics so I can find them later down the road : / but I did post more before & during pics awhile back, so feel free to go see them. One of these days I will catch up with this computer age ;)
So we had been using the cabinets for awhile without doors. It was very nice when it came to putting away dishes! But we needed doors to look like a complete kitchen.
So I finally broke down & painted all the doors & drawers :)
and Hubby hung all the doors with the new hardware we picked out.
I just love our new handles!
The cabinets in front of the laundry room did not get doors because I love the look of all my home canned goods :) Maybe one of these days we will get some glass fronted doors to put there.
And some of my favorite things... My beautiful bamboo plants, Hubby's Bonsai that he got for his birthday, as well as my beautiful mortar & pestal Hubby's mom bought me, there in the back. These are the lovely things I get to look at when doing my least favorite chore...the dreaded dishes. Looking at pretty things makes it easier :) This is the picture I chose for the photo challenge this week.
I love my kitchen! I am so happy to be sharing it with you :) What is your favorite room in your home?


  1. This is a lovely transformation. Your new window is definitely the highlight of your kitchen. With this, dark spaces will be least of your problems. Anyway, your color combination is very nice. I didn't know that green and brown can be a good combination. Thanks for sharing. >Kip @

  2. Thank you! I love the colors! Hubby was afraid ti would be to green, but he likes it with the brown :)