Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We have been very busy getting out home put together :) I wanted to share a few pics of things we have gotten accomplished!
We got a new AC system! Thanks to Patrick's dad :) 
This is the new unit compared to the old unit.
And this is the new unit compared to me! That is a beast of an AC unit!
 This was our kitchen when we bought the house. Something you can't see is the gaping hole under the sink where a cabinet should be. 
Cathy & I removed all the doors and drawers, and I sanded everything to prep for painting. 
Jamie, my mom, & I painted
green and brown :)
We are using the cabinets without doors for the time being. Once I paint the doors I'll take pics of the finished product :)
Patrick built a new cabinet for under the sink :) He's so handy! Now I need to paint it.
My dad and brother ran electricity to the ceiling in every room, apparently whoever lived here before only had lamps! So now we have the ability to hang fans & lights in every room :)
 This is the door that was on our garage.
 It was warped & a strong wind probably could have knocked it in.
Patrick replaced it with this metal plated door :)
We also got double paned windows installed thanks to Patrick's mom. Here are the old windows,
and the new windows! I love that the top is one window instead of the 3 sections :)
 Here is a hole in the kitchen
 and here is the new window :)

There is alot more little stuff that's been done, but these are the pics I had to share for now. More renovations to come! :)

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