Monday, July 30, 2012

Living in Our Home!

For 2 weeks Hubby & I have been living and SHOWERING in our own home!!! Thanks to my other parents Jim & Cathy Kenny, we have a beautiful master shower! It still has a few minor things to be done, but the important thing is we can use it, & I can show off pics of it! :)
This is the shower before. Yes that is a hole in the shower wall!

They came in and tore out all the old tile and the shower pan, then had to have plumbing work done because the last people to work on the shower shouldn't have.
The new shower pan and cement board (to keep it water proof)
Then the beautiful tile!
 I love this shower!
 And I love living in our first home!

Thank you again Jim & Cathy! Ya'll are crazy! And we love you!!!

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