Thursday, July 10, 2014

Aparently I'm a List Person

Don't you hate it when you discover you are one of "those" people, you know the kind of people you used to not understand...
I've always thought making list's was a waste of time, just something else to add to the list of things I need to do in a day. I had heard people talk about how satisfying it is to physically check something off your list, I thought that was the silliest thing I had ever heard...
Hello my name is Krystle, and I'm apparently a list person.
It all started because my sister asked her sister & I to so a month long squat exercise with her. I wrote each day's allotted squats on my kitchen calendar so I didn't have to keep going back to the website to see what to do. I started checking off the day as I did it & realized I was looking forward to doing it so I could check it off! "Really?!" I argued with myself... but if it works, then I guess I'll give into it :)
So then I decided I needed to make a list of things to get done on the days I'm home. I am blessed with a Hubby who allows me to only work part time, so I can stay home 3 days a week and take care of our home & theoretically, make things to sell over at ScrappinArt! But I haven't been great with time management, which means the house isn't very clean, & I haven't made something, either to sell or just to be creative, in way to long! So I've made lists!
Eventually I will type them up so I can print them each day to check off, but our printer is on the fritz. So for now I will deal with terrible handwriting :) I'm sure I will tweak the lists as time goes on, but for now they are good to get me started!
Are you a list person? If not, have you tried it? Maybe you are and didn't know it ;)

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