Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Alamo Drafthouse

Tonight Hubby & I went to the brand new Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas! Yesterday through Thursday is their "Soft Soft Opening" before their "Soft Opening" on Friday.
We will be back! I would go sit through a movie I cared nothing about to get more of that Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese! And while I'm there, I will definitely get another Temptress Shake, made with Lakewood Temptress Milk Stout.
But enough about the food (did I mention they put real butter on their popcorn?! Yum!) as we were leaving Hubby said that was the best sound he's ever heard in a theatre. There were points I could feel the rumbling in the seats!
For a "Soft Soft Opening" I would say they have got their act together! We were brought our neighbor's drink, but overall everone was friendly and on top of their game! Also, if you have your tickets already just go get your seat, your server will check your ticket. Dont be like us, standing around  trying to show it to someone ;)
We cannot wait to check out some of their "Quote Along" movies, and other fun events they have planned! Maybe we will see you there :)

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