Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad Person

Ok, I'm a horrible, rotten, no good person :( The last time you heard from me, I was in Dublin TX visiting the sacred ground where Dr Pepper is bottled, & I promised you pics. Now, weeks later you still have seen no pics or heard from me. & no you still won't see pics today, sorry, but I have bigger news :)
This past Tuesday, Elias finally came home! He is no longer in the hospital!!! We truly appreciate all your prayers for him these past several weeks, & it's still an uphill battle. He is still on oxygen & a home monitor to keep track of his breathing & heart rate, but hes home!!! His mommy has stayed home with him this week, but starting Monday I will be the nanny for two wonderful little boys :) I will make sure to take some pics of them together to show you...& yes this time I promise to post them :)
I also promise to post the pics from our trip to Dublin, I just thought that this was more important for today!

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