Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being Happy

I have anger issues. I've never been one to yell & throw a fit if someone upsets me, instead I would just become bitter towards them & build up unnecessary anger that I may never let go of. That is no way to live!
This past weekend, a mom I know was telling me about her experience of losing her 4 day old daughter. She told me that through the whole experience she prayed that she would not become bitter & hard. Her words impacted me. I am sometimes bitter & hard & I have never been through an experience like she has!
I am going to work on letting go of my bitterness, I know being angry at someone only hurts me! I need to be a grown up & be able to disagree with someone without it changing who I am, who God wants me to be.
God is constantly working on me! I want to let Him :)

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