Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Mexican Weekend

When I first started this blog, Hubby & I were living upstairs from The Family Who No Longer Lives Downstairs... As their new name suggests, that is no longer the case because we were able to save up & buy our own home! So I have been thinking about another new family name for this precious family!
Let me introduce you to Rib, His Rib, & the Riblets! :)
His Rib celebrated her birthday last week & I got to try 2 new Mexican food restaurants! So of course I had to tell you about them! On her birthday we went to Mercado Juarez Cafe in Arlington for lunch. Their beef fajita meat is so tender & flavorful!
The grownups got Fried Ice Cream, & they had ice cream sundaes for the Riblets :) Their fried Ice cream isn't actually fried like at other places I've had it. Instead, it is coated in coconut & corn flakes, & comes in a fried dough cup which is covered in cinnamon & sugar.
Over the weekend a group of us met at Posados Cafe in Bedford for a true birthday celebration. I had been here before, but it had been many years ago. That needs to not happen again, I forgot how yummy they are! Their beef taco meat & shredded chicken taco meat was well seasoned & yummy! They bring you fresh tortillas straight off the machine. I wanted to get a picture of the tortilla machine, but after we were done eating the lunch rush was over & they had given the machine a break. The tortilla soup had big chunks of chicken in it & was covered in cheese! I would be happy if all my meals were covered in cheese! :)
Happy Birthday!!
Aww :)
After lunch some of us took a drive to get snow cones. Bedford Snoball doesn't just have snow cones though, they have a menu of gourmet ice cream! I got Mexican Vanilla to go with the theme of the weekend! They also had little lawn games for little ones & plenty of tree covered seating.
So if you find yourself closer to Fort Worth than Dallas, these are some places I recommend you try out!

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