Tuesday, August 18, 2015

His Rib Family Tree

After the birth of both Ribletts, His Rib has suffered through multiple miscarriages. She told me awhile back that she wanted something that showed her whole family. I came up with this idea & started making it for her birthday gift (2 birthday's ago), & it is finally finished! Each precious baby has a leaf on the family tree, including the Ribletts Conner & Elias. After them, there is Hope, Jonah, Shiloh, Grace, & Lev.
I went with His Rib to the doctor shortly after finding out she was pregnant with Lev, & we were able to see his heartbeat. This was the first baby since Elias who we got to experience their heartbeat! It was such a special moment & a confirmation that this was a baby! They are all Rib & His Rib's babies! Sadly Lev did not make it through the next day, but he left us with a video of his heartbeat to remember him by.
All of these children are loved & special to us! I am so honored I was able to make this family tree as a reminder of each of their lives! And as you can see there are plenty of leaves for their family as it grows.

If you would like to make your own family tree, I used the tree outline at the bottom of this blog, or you can find whatever tree outline you like best. Then I used a heart stencil for the leaves, & I used my pinking shears to give the name at the bottom a fun edge :) I printed out all the names and traced them on the leaves, then I adhered all the parts to the main fabric using HeatnBond. I embroidered around all the edges to make sure they stayed in place & to add a fun color contrast. This was not a fast project for me, but it was a very meaningful project. I am so glad they loved it!

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