Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Tamales

Did you know that Christmas Tamales are a thing? How did I grow up in TX & not know about this?! It seemed this year all my FB friends were talking about their Christmas tamales, which made this pregnant girl need some tamales!!
 The day after Christmas Hubby took me to his favorite place to get tamales, Dallas Tortilla Factory :) We walked in & the lady behind the counter was telling her customer they only had beef tamales left. Then it was our turn, and she told us she had one dozen beef tamales left! All my FB friends must have cleared them out ;)
So we took the last dozen tamales (sorry to the ladies who walked into the store as we were leaving!). They were just what Baby ordered! Goodness they were good! We will be going back to try other flavors! If you are in the market for good tamales & don't have a little grandma in your family who makes them, then I recommend trying these! Just maybe not the day after Christmas!

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