Monday, March 14, 2016

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! My mom is on a staycation this week, so we celebrated Pi Day at Klyde Warren Park :)
"I did it!"
Next time we will have to bring his swimsuit! He wanted to play in the running water they have at the park!
My personal favorite part of visiting Klyde Warren Park is the food trucks!!
Ruthie's Rolling Cafe is a grilled cheese truck!! I got the S.A.S.S. (Spinach Artichoke Spectacular Sandwich) I would describe this as a BLT with Spinach artichoke dip in place of the lettuce, it was very good!
Sister & Nephew got their lunch from nammi.
Pork Vermicelli Bowl, Nephew was a big fan! Sister said the sauce was a little bland, but overall she liked it.
She also got Lemongrass Chicken Vietnamese Tacos (Because in TX we will make anything into a taco!) This was liked by everyone! The chicken had great flavor!
Mom went with Gandolfo's
to get a Chili Dog, to quote Nephew, "Delicious!" Don't tell him his aunt thinks hot dogs are gross! ;)
He very badly wanted to catch a pigeon! He was very confused that they kept flying away!
Nephew did get to join a percussion ensemble! They had a bag of instruments for kids to choose from! Very cool!
Once the sun wore us out, we went to Bishop Arts for Pie! You didn't think we would forget what day it was?!
Cretia's Bakery was running a Pi Day special :)
What pie looks good?
Mom & I both chose the Fudge Nut which was very thick & fudgy. Sister chose the Kahlua Pie, it was creamy and had a better crust, but we all liked the fudge nut better!
Nephew chose a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, and a special chocolate smile just for him :)
I think he liked it!
Happy Pi Day! & Happy Spring Break! If you are on a break this week I hope you find some fun things to do! Tell us about it! We are always on the hunt for fun!

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