Saturday, June 25, 2016

Texas Discovery Gardens

Today we got to visit Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park!
We were celebrating AddieJane's birthday!!
The kids got to color on the tablecloth & play with butterfly stickers while we are lunch :)
That's one way to mark your water bottle!
Lioittle butterflys wanting some birthday cake! ;)
After lunch we got to see the butterfly habitat!
It was so beautiful!
There were butterflys everywhere!

and a couple birds :)

Birthday girl getting an upclose look at a butterfly laying an egg!
This giant butterfly likes fruit :)

These 3 were hanging upside down

I waited a long time for this big guy to open his wings, but he didn't want to show off his bright blue wings.
Then we went out to explore the gardens
and we found the Snake Shack!

Leah wanted to pet them :)
This guy was checking out his dinner
but he ended up curling up back inside his water bowl for a nap. Dinner will still be waiting later.
We really enjoyed our day at Texas Discovery Gardens! Happy Birthday AddieJane! Praying for a wonderful year!

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