Friday, September 2, 2011


This last weekend I decided to try my hand at pickling. Tiffany & I went to our local Farmer's Market bulk sale & I got cucumbers & okra at a great price :) Then it was time for the pickling to begin! For my first batch I used Mrs. Wages pickle mix, for the other batches & for the okra I used the recipe in the Ball Canning Recipe Book. I highly recommend that book to anyone interested in canning. Here's some pictures of my process, this was not as intimidating as it first seemed.

First I washed my cucumbers,
and sliced them because they were to big to fit in the jars whole.
Then I made the brine & put the cucumbers in the jars & poured brine over the top.
Then I processed them in the water canner & this is the finished product :) I was very proud! My first pickles!
Here's my second batch, I decided to use quarts for the second batch.
And the third batch :) It's so satisfying to hear the popping of sealing lids congratulating you on a job well done!
Labeled & ready to store!
Then I started pickling the okra. This is batch one :)
and batch two in the water canner
 And here are all my lovely pickles & okra stored in the previously unused space above our cabinets.
The pickles got Conner's seal of approval!

 If you have ever been interested in canning I would highly recommend it! You can do pickles or jam or fresh veggies! Have fun with it, but get a good recipe book to help you along the way.

And no I was not paid by Ball for this post, I just had a great weekend using their product & wanted to share it with you :)

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