Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Learning Experience

So Saturday was my very first ever Craft Show! It was fun, & I talked to a few vendors who told me about other craft shows to check out. I also saw how other people reacted to my booth & thought of a few changes to make from that. So overall I am glad for the learning experience, however as far as profit is concerned, I made back my booth fee & what I spent on lunch :) So I broke even. The other vendors I talked to weren't doing very well either, so at least I know it wasn't just my product. It just wasn't a very highly attended show.
I wanted to show you my booth & my apron I made for the show:
I cut freezer paper on my Cricut & ironed the letters on my apron to paint over them & make this :) I bought a full apron at Walmart & cut off the top & bottom & my wonderful sister in law hemmed it for me :)

And here is my booth :)

 I am about to mail off an application for a 2 day show in Allen, TX. So wish me luck!


  1. looks great!! thanks for the mention!

  2. Thanks for all your help! I have the best sister in law! :)