Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hidden Tree

Before my first craft show I started making a piece of wall art from upcycled materials. I took pictures of the entire process so I could show you. Then I got busy getting ready for the craft show, so the wall art was put on the back burner. I am now 100% finished with it & want to show you how I created it :)
I started with old magazines & cut each page into strips of varying widths.
then I folded each strip in half & sometimes in half again depending on how wide it was. After a very long time of folding & sorting colors I began rolling the strips. I used a broken piece of antenna to roll the strips on, but any skinny long object would work.

After rolling I glued the flap to the edge of the rolled strip & glued the rolled strip to this wooden plaque that I rescued from the trash.

After gluing the first piece & realized that I needed an outline of the tree I was planning on creating. I drew the tree & continued gluing strips.

The tree trunk is taking shape.
Now the tree trunk is finished & I will start the leaves

Look, it's a tree!

After finishing the tree I surrounded it with blue for the sky.
 Then I sprayed the whole piece with a clear coat to protect it, & here is the finished piece:
To see more pics of the finished piece, please visit my Etsy site.
So what have you been creating lately? Let me know in the comments!

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