Saturday, June 9, 2012

Moving out

Tonight I planned on telling you all about our move (which I will very soon) and then we said goodbye to the Crazy People Downstairs. So tonight I am a little sad. How do you not live with people anymore? I hugged Conner & he told me that I lived upstairs, and then the waterworks started (for me of course) I love Conner & Elias so much! How am I not going to see them everyday? I can't answer when Conner yells up the stairs at me. This family is very special to Hubby & I! & I know we will continue seeing each other & hanging out, and I know that it is late & I have been very busy & am therefore over tired & emotional :), but tonight I am a little sad.


  1. Well... you run around naked ;) No, but seriously, we are wondering the same thing. Who do I yell up to every time I have exciting news? Who do I cry with and worry with as tough times hit? We love y'all so much and were so happy to have experienced the last two years together!! Happy house decorating! Can't wait to hang out and party with you in your new home!

  2. I know neither of us really like to talk on the phone, but I have unlimited texts for a reason :) and y'all need to hurry & finish your floor so u can come over!