Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A while ago I wrote about life habits I was going to work on... I have not done so well with them :( But I am here to recommit to a few of them. I have bought a year long membership to an indoor swimming pool. I plan on swimming laps this year 4 days a week! This will be my exercise, and I want to stick to it! I enjoy swimming, which is why I chose this route. If I enjoy it, I'll stick to it right?!
Thursday I got on my scale (first time since the move) and I am officially at my heaviest. I have not done well with eating right since we moved, it has been to easy to grab something on the go.
I am putting this here to keep myself accountable, I do not want to write about anymore failures! :)
I weigh 192... I hope to post a better # SOON!


  1. I commend you! Many women wouldn't be so brave, but I am sure being honest and open with everyone will help keep you motivated. I know putting stuff on facebook about my workouts has helped me stay accountable. That and working out to The Biggest Loser episodes on Netflix lol!

    1. Yes and it has done great things for you! :) I've swam 2 days in a row this week! I will be swimming again tomoro!