Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another way of looking at Santa

I love Christmas! I love shopping for the perfect gifts for my loved ones, I love playing the Elf & handing out all the gifts from under the tree, I love watching their faces as they open the gifts (I don't usually open any of my gifts until everyone is finished because I get so caught up in their reactions). I also love Santa & Christmas trees & everything Christmassy! I have been disturbed lately by people condemning Santa because "He's not the reason for the season" that's not how I see it...
We are planning & hosting the biggest most important birthday party of the year! When you plan a child's birthday party, you might hire a clown, but that clown is not the reason for the celebration.
I have never seen Santa as the reason for Christmas, but he is just another of the many Christmas festivities we enjoy to celebrate Jesus' birth.
I just wanted to encourage you to choose a different way of looking at it & allow Christmas to be a time of celebrating!
Merry Christmas!!!

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