Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Commercials

I shared my favorite Super Bowl commercials with you last year, because obviously the commercials are the reason to watch the Super Bowl! That is until the Cowboys make it back in :)
This year however, I was disappointed. I feel as though the advertisers lost their touch this time around, and that makes me sad. In my opinion there were no outstanding commercials. There were a few that make me smile, so those will be the ones I share with you today, and hopefully next year they will get their groove back.
Doritos - Made me smile when the goat screamed at the sight of the empty pantry.
Big Bang Theory - I just love Big Bang Theory!
Century 21 - He made everyone happy
Budlight Voodoo Dolls & Lucky Chair - I did enjoy the messing with "fans who will do whatever it takes"
NFL Network - I love this commercial because Deion Sanders is one of the Cowboys I grew up loving!
Tide - Her last line caught me off guard & made me laugh

And the deep commercial of the year in my opinion was Dodge - God made a farmer

So what did you think? Any funny commercials I missed?

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