Friday, September 19, 2014

Lingerie Shower ;)

*Warning: this post may be considered risqué... you have been warned!*

This weekend I will be the Matron of Honor for a girl I used to babysit... talk about feeling old! This is truly an honor, she has always called me her big sister, and now she has asked me to stand beside her on one of the biggest days of her life!
So of course one of my duties was to throw her a lingerie shower! Can't send her off to be a married woman without the proper attire ;)
In our circle of friends, lingerie showers are never a subtle proper affair :) So here is her throne, complete with Penis Tiara, Earrings, Wand, and Lei
The well endowed lightswitch, which keeps everyone from turning on the light for some reason... and yes, even penises hanging from the ceiling!
A pen for everyone!
Lingerie Cupcakes, thank you Pinterest! And yes, those are banana muffins, shaped like... well I think you get the picture by now ;)
Yummy Yummy!
And fresh out of the oven, Weiners in a condom! Unfourtunately, a couple of the condoms broke :(
The Blushing Bride :)
After the party we got Manicures & Pedicures
It was a great girls day! And tomorrow she will be a married woman!! Congrats Breanna! Being married is awesome!! :)

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