Monday, September 15, 2014

Six Flags Over Texas

This weekend we got to go with our nephew for his first trip to Six Flags!
He was very excited to enjoy this piece of our childhood!
Or at least we were very excited to share it with him! :) 
 Luke's very first Six Flags Ride!
 Speedy Gonzales' Truckin' Across America
 Speedy Gonzales was my favorite Looney Toon long long ago because he talked really fast :)
 This ride was extra special because our grandpa, Luke's Pa, was a big rig driver :)
 Also, my brother loved this ride when he was little, now he may be a little to tall for it ;)
 Wave Hi!!!
Next he wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel!
Up Up Up we go!
He liked watching the other hot air balloons, but every time he saw daddy on the ground, he would reach out his arm to wave :)
 After 2 rides, Luke was ready for a nap! So we rode Six Flags new ride, Texas SkyScreamer.
 Safely on the ground for the moment.
 About to go way up there.
 There we are!
 and there's brother behind us! Sister was NOT getting on this ride ;)
Higher Higher! I was sad to learn they had done away with the parachutes, but this ride was well worth it! We could see the Dallas skyline from way up there!
The adorable family!
 My mom always got us Pink Things before we left Six Flags. So this trip, Hubby got me one :) They have changed the wrapping (it's now a push up pop) and there's no longer a plastic character in the middle to collect, but they are still just as yummy! :)
 I was able to share a tiny bit of my special treat with my very special Nephew (with permission of course)
I love sharing my nostalgic moments with this little man! And I love his very special parents for letting us be a part of these very special moments!!!
We had a great day!
 Looking forward to many many more!!

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