Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Ghost!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of when we brought a 1 year old Pit Bull into our home. We were going to find his owners & return him. Now, we have a 2 year old Pit Bull who is part of our family! :)
After my Brother & sister dropped him off here, as they were walking out the door, my brother said, "One day we will tell Luke this is how Aunt Krystle got her dog". I just laughed, because obviously, someone was looking for this beautiful boy! But he was right! I am so glad that Ghost has joined our family! I'm so glad that even though they were having a baby the next morning, my Brother & Sister stopped to rescue him off the side of the road! I'm so glad Hubby volunteered for us to take him in, & let me keep him once it became apparent he had been abandoned!
 Happy Birthday Ghost!
 Happy Welcome to the Family Day!
I love you!!
 and I know you love me!
Even if I make you wear a silly hat, and take 1000s of pictures before you can have your birthday treat :)
OK, you can take it off
 Here is your new birthday toy!
Have fun completely destroying it ;)

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