Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick or Treat

 Look who I got to go Trick or Treating with! :)
 This year Baby Luke went Trick or Treating for the very first time!
 He had an entourage
 A couple of police officers, a couple of Minions, & his Nanny!
Both Ghost & Luke wanted that banana!
 His first house!
 Trick or Treat! She said he was her first Trick or Treater of the night :)
 Such a big boy!

 Everyone thought he was just the cutest!
 Because he is ;)

 She told him that he made her night :)

 He got lots of candy!
 Watch out Baby Luke, the guy behind you looks like he's starving!

 Hey, that door looks familiar!
 Aww, look at the cute fireman that came to our door!!
 You can have the candy you want!
Happy Halloween!!!

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