Monday, November 17, 2014

Books 20-23

These 4 books by H G Wells are his first 4 books published. In this volume, they were all published together, so I read them back to back to keep my "Empty" Bookshelf in order ;)
The Time Machine - I watched this movie many years ago. One scene in this movie has impacted me forever! I will not read ebooks to this day because in the future, in the movie, real books had fallen into such disuse that they crumbled into dust when touched! I was so sad as a child seeing that scene, I did not see how we could ever not need books! Beautiful, precious, useful books! Now I see this as a reality with more & more people giving up real books for the fake ones ;)
So since the movie impacted me so heavily, I knew I had to read the book. This book and movie could not be more different. I'm not saying, "oh they didn't make the movie exactly like the book" no, they didn't make the movie anything like the book! They actually added more to the movie than was in the book! I recommend both, but just know they are very different! I also recommend you buy real books! :)
The Island of Dr Moreau - This is a weird book. I did not feel as though I liked where it was headed on more than one occasion,  but for being such a short book it did keep me on my toes & guessing. Overall, I did enjoy the book.
The Invisible Man - This book took me way to long to read. Once I put it down, I just didn't have the drive to pick it back up again. The main character is an unlikable jerk. You finally are shown the full circle of his character development & gain interest in where it is going in the last two chapters. Then it abruptly ends... sadly I did not enjoy this book.
The War of the Worlds - I will say upfront that I am not into aliens, they don't tend to hold my attention in books or movies, so take this review with a grain of salt. I found this book boring :( Describing the alien landing, sighting, & fighting was not interesting & at times slightly confusing. Towards the end, they started describing human survival after the fight & that was more interesting, like reading any other post-apocalyptic story. However, overall, I did not enjoy this book either, which is why these reviews are coming so much later after book 19!
I'm ready for a lighthearted book! :)

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