Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pirate Party

Today was Pirate Luke's 3rd birthday party!
We ate all the treats a pirate could ever want!
BBQ Cannon Balls
Pepperoni Seaweed Wraps
Veggie Planks
Berried Treasures
Peg Legs
Fish & Chips
and an Octopus taking a Dip in Dill Dip!
Of course there was pirate loot!
And a treasure map!
"My Gold Doubloons!"
Every pirate needs a trustworthy tattoo parlor!
Luke is carefully applying mommy's tattoo :)
AJ & mommy are getting tattoos too!
Conner and Elias are waiting for their tattoos to set.
Aye Matey, I found a purple pirate!
Pirate found a mermaid!
A bearded mermaid?!
Sword Fight!
Cake time!

What's in here?!

Pirate bedding! Someone is going to be dreaming of the open seas!

That's an angry little pirate!

Playtime while the adults clean up :)
Happy birthday (Not such a Baby) Luke! ;) We love you very much!!

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