Friday, April 11, 2014

Update on Our Pit Bull's allergies

Ghost had a follow up vet appt Monday morning to see if we were able to get his allergies under control or if more action was needed.
The first thing the vet said was that she was impressed with how much better he looked! :) that made me sooo happy!
Things have changed about him that I didn't even know were problems!
This is a pic from when we first got him. See those black spots on his face?
They aren't there anymore!
He also no longer wakes up every morning with gunk in his eyes! And he no longer has terrible gas plaguing us everyday!!! 
He doesn't eat chicken at all anymore, no plastic toys or food/water dishes, the only allergy we can't keep him away from is grass. So during spring & summer he will be taking 3 Benadryl a day to keep his red eyes & splotchy skin at a minimum. And he is only outside long enough to go potty :)
I am so very grateful for a vet who could look at my pup & know exactly what was wrong & how to fix it!
If you also share your home with a beautiful white pit bull, please make yourself aware of their possible allergies! I had no idea, but now I'm so happy to have a healthy happy pup :)

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