Thursday, May 8, 2014

Book 15!

The 15th book on my Empty Shelf is "Julie & Julia" by Julie Powell. When I first heard about the movie based on this book I thought cooking every recipe in a book and blogging about it seemed like a lot of fun! I have so many cookbooks and love cooking new recipes! But then I saw the movie, and I realized I would even have to cook the recipes that sounded yucky! No thank you! I don't know how she did it!
Recently I found this book at Dollar Tree, and had to buy it! Have you ever looked for books at Dollar Tree? I've gotten quite a few books from there, some good, some not so much... But always just a dollar, so I'm willing to take the gamble! I am glad I bought this book :) It obviously went into more detail of her year long cooking expedition than the movie did.
Maybe one of there days I'll find a cookbook that I think all it's recipes sound good enough to cook ;) And believe me, I'm typically willing to try just about anything! What about you, are you willing to cook things (like aspics?!) that sound completely gross?

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