Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy 7 Months Luke!

Today is my nephew's 7 month birthday!
(Bow ties are cool!)
His mommy & I took him on his first trip to Hong Kong Market. My Thai sister introduced me to Hong Kong Market many years ago & I love to go and get new things to try :)
This time I opted for a couple of new drinks to sample. The can is Grass Jelly Drink and the bottle is Basil Seed with Honey Flavor. There are also things I have to get anytime I go: wasabi peas (I eat them on my salads for a spicy kick), shrimp chips, and Hi-Chew for Hubby :)
Who needs to go to the aquarium?! ;)
He loved watching the fish swim around!
Yes I am "that Aunt" :)
We had lots of fun today! It's great to have family you love spending time with! And who introduces you to new fun things!

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