Tuesday, December 9, 2014

30 Years of Literary Fun!

I am 30! I love birthdays, however, this is not a day I have been looking forward to! I am not old enough to be 30! ;)
 I do have awesome sisters though, who planned an amazing Literary birthday party!
 They decorated with all my favorite books!
 My Hogwarts letters arrived several years late ;)
 They handmade all of these for me!!!
 My family is the greatest!!!
 Of course our home library was the perfect backdrop!
 Beautiful books!
 My Great-Grandma's handmade mouse played the part of the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland.


Tim is the fairest of them all?!?!
 There were also some themed desserts & drinks :) Not-Poisoned Apples & the Dwarfs Gems
 Nightlock Berries, District 13 Coal, Cookies from Mellark Bakery, & Eat Me Cakes
And Harry Potter Sodas :)
My wonderful Mom in Law took care of the catering dressed as Goldy the Caterer from Diane Mott Davidson's book series.
 We asked everyone who wanted to, to come dressed as their favorite book character :) I chose The Mad Hatter!
 Hubby was Perrin Aybara from The Wheel of Time Series
 Brother & sister were from the Great Gatsby
Once Luke woke from his nap, he was too :)
Aren't they the cutest?!

Oh mom, you are embarrassing me! ;)
 Jen was Katniss from The Hunger Games!
 Mom was the Tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! :) And staying in character, her letters kept falling off all evening!
The man who no longer lives downstairs was Gandalf
And his family were Superman! (Look at those big boys!!!)
 Magnum PI also slipped in ;)
 And at some point Hubby became a pirate!
 I am so glad for everyone who came! We had so much fun!
 AddieJane was very excited about the Not-Poisonous Apples!
 Ghost was very excited to have children to play with him! & the Feeling was mutual as far as Lanier was concerned!
 Cousin time :)
 Sweet babies!
 So Sweet!
 It's not sleepy time yet!
 It's party time!!
 My cousin & his fiance were so sweet & brought Ghost a gift too! He loved this toy!!
He loved tearing it apart that is ;)
 A very Happy Un- ... oh wait... A Very Happy Birthday To me! :)
 Candy!!! :)
 A gift card to get more books!!! Just what I needed! ;) & Journals, what I really did need!
 It's Ghost's twin on my card! :)

 A very cute scarf :)
 Monopoly!!! Who wants to play?!
A Scrapbooking Adventure book :) Thank you everyone!!! I loved all my gifts! Also the ones we didn't get pictures of!

 Hunger Games!!!

You have no idea how hard it was to get a serious picture! ;) 

 Sisters :)
 Silly Sisters!

Thank you to my wonderful family for putting together this amazing party!!! It was wonderful & so completely me! And thank you everyone who was able to come celebrate with us! It would have been boring without you! And thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday, sent me a card, posted on Facebook... you each made my 30th Birthday very special!!! I love all of you!!

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