Sunday, March 29, 2015

Revolver Brewing

 A little over an hour outside of Dallas, in Granbury, TX is a brewery that knows it's stuff! We have been fans of Revolver Brewing since trying Blood & Honey at House of Blues.
Hubby's dad joined us to tour the facility
We are all old enough!
They hold events every Saturday, and they have a nice big piece of country property, so they encourage you to come out with the family and have a picnic!
They bring in a band, this week it was Rise & Shine, we really enjoyed them!
Hubby & his dad enjoyed their car!
They have lawn games!
Hubby beat me by a lot!
Giant Jenga!
and a water table for the kids to play on
It looked like fun, but they wouldn't let me play ;)
The real reason we went was to sample some beer!
With price of admission we each got a pilsner glass to take home :)
and you get to try 4 beers. The Mother's Little Fracker Stout quickly became my favorite, although I will still always go back for a Blood & Honey! Revolver Bock was great paired with the brownie I bought from their caterer. I also tried Sidewinder, which is one of their seasonal beers, it was the only of my 4 I tried that I didn't like. There was something sour in it that I didn't enjoy.
You gotta let them know where you are visiting from!
Then we got to listen to a tour of the brewery. Our tour guide is their brewmaster, and he left Samuel Adams to take this job with them!
This vat was roped off because the yeast was so happy it was bubbling over! :)

How do you tap this keg?! ;)
Like father, like son

We had so much fun hanging out at the brewery! I think they have re-imagined the entire concept of what a brewery can be! I would have never thought of a brewery as a family friendly picnic destination! But they built on a big piece of the country, and look what happened!

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