Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Asia Times Square

Yesterday I went to eat Pho with my sister & nephew :) We love "Beef Noodle" soup!! If you are a fan of Pho, or want to try it, we highly recommend Pho Hung in Grand Prairie (which is not that far from Dallas if you are visiting & looking for something different to do!) at Asia Times Square. It's where my sister grew up going :)
 After our soup we walked next door to Bambu Desserts & Drinks. This is my drink, the Bambu Special, it was coconut, pandan jelly, longan, and basil seed.
It was an interesting concoction! Luke loved every bit of it! Here he is having some basil seed and a piece of pandan jelly.
And I fed him the coconut after I tore it into smaller pieces, I had no idea how tough fresh coconut is! But that didn't stop him!
 I was not a huge fan of the longan, but the rest of it was yummy!
Sister got green tea ice cream, and Luke was a big fan of that as well! I love green tea ice cream! we will have to go back soon!
 We also walked over to Hong Kong Market, because when in the area, it's a must!
 And they had green tea KitKat from Japan! I had watched a video recently about different candy bars from around the world, and this was one of them. So when I saw it on the shelf I got really excited! They did not disappoint! I would decribe it as green tea flavored white chocolate covering the normal crispy KitKat center. Hubby was also a fan :)
 As we were walking through the produce, my curiosity got the best of me & I bought a banana blossom. Did I know what a banana blossom was? No :) I just wanted to take it home & find out!
 So I peeled off the first petal, and decided it was time to Google. Apparently, this flower grows on the end of a bunch of bananas. And people cook and eat the inner petals like an artichoke. Also, those tiny things on the inside are baby bananas.
I did not take the time to cook any of it, but I did try it. The baby banana dried my mouth out, but didn't have much flavor. I took a bite of one of the tender inner petals, it was bitter and very tough. So in my opinion, banana blossoms are better for looking at than eating.
We had a great day in Asia Times Square! I love being Thai! ;)

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