Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Deep Ellum Arts Festival

This weekend was Easter! Did the Easter Bunny visit your house? :)
This weekend was also Deep Ellum Arts Festival! Fourtunately, we have friends that live in Deep Ellum who told us about this event. Somehow, we had never heard of it, even though I try to stay up on the goings on in Dallas! So we met them out there for a great night!
We got to wander the streets of Deep Ellum enjoying booth after booth of some really talented artists!
 We had lunch at Monkey King Noodle Company, where they hand pull their own noodles! Their Spicy Garlic Peanut Noodles were everything I hoped for, plus a little extra spice! It was reminiscent of Pad Thai, but different. I will go back for that dish! Hubby had the Hot Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, which he loved. I tried a bite, and it was very flavorful. I was expecting something similar to Pho, which it was not (which is good for Hubby's sake, he hates Pho!), but it was good and the beef chunks were melt in your mouth tender! When you go, plan on eating outside or taking it home, there is no indoor dining, they need all their space to crank out yummy noodles!
 More art to see!
What a cool street to hold an Art Festival! The majority of artists do not allow pics to be taken in their booths, so you will just have to visit next year to see it all for yourself!
 They also had some awesome food vendors!
 Crawfish Pies, they were tasty, but could have used more filling.
 This is the third time we have seen Crepe Crazy at an event! The first time was at the German Christmas Festival in Arlington last year, then they were at the Irish Festival several weeks ago, now here. They make amazing crepes fresh to order! We have had their Nutella Banana Crepe & their Sweet Cream Crepe, yum yum!! They also make savory crepes, which we need to try next time we run across them. Also, I just found out from their website that they have a restaurant in Dripping Springs! Road Trip! :)
To remember the festival, Hubby bought me 2 Deep Ellum pins :) We had a great time, as always!

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