Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book 8 - The Pulpit Commentary Leviticus & Numbers

The 8th book on my Empty Shelf is "The Pulpit Commentary - Leviticus & Numbers"
I finished Exodus last year, & have really enjoyed reading through the Bible using commentaries. The Pulpit Commentary is so full of great info, but that means I was working through it very slowly! I was recently given the entire set of Pulpit Commentaries (Thank you so much to The Family Who No Longer Lives Downstairs!!), & I am very excited to read through them all! However, I am going to space them out with other commentaries as well, mainly because that one took me so long to get through!
How many books have you read this year? I am currently in the middle of 4, so we shall see which ends up on the shelf next!

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