Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beer & Pizza in Dallas

We have tried a couple of new places in Dallas, so I owe you a couple of reviews!
 Several weeks ago we finally tried Brain Dead Brewing in Deep Ellum.  I had been wanting to eat here since I read a review by D Magazine that their burger was going to be one of the top burgers this year! I take my D Magazine reviews very seriously! :)
This is the Coma Burger, which is a bacon/brisket patty served on the softest bun ever, with sweet potato chips, and housemade pickles! I askede for extra pickles when I read they make their own! I love funky pickle flavors, I don't think any mass produced pickle can top a good housemade pickle! Also, that beer you see in the background is Maui Coconut Porter. A very dark beer with a slight taste of coconut. Once I had eaten a bite of burger, the taste of coconut in my beer really popped! It needed that savory to bring out the sweet. They also offer a San Tan Mr Pineapple beer, which was great as a finisher once I had eaten my burger. There is no hiding that pineapple flavor! If you aren't brave enough to order a whole beer you have never heard of, they will bring you a sample of it. We had great service!
They had some very interesting decor! This is a place we will be returning to!
 A week or two ago, Hubby & I drove out to Bishop Arts for a date night :) Hubby wanted pizza, which there is no shortage of in that area. We decided on Zoli's because we like to try new places! Hubby was very excited about their marquee because the new Star Wars trailer had just come out a day or two before.
These zucchini fries were worth the trip! Fried til crispy, perfectly seasoned batter, and a jalapeno ranch dipping sauce, yum!
We ordered their Chicken, bacon, jalapeno ranch pizza. It was flavorful, on a crispy crust. The jalapenos tasted roasted, which was a very good addition.
We were a little disappointed in their pizza options. They only had 3 or 4 on the menu, and everything else was create your own. The problem with that was, the pizza we ordered off the menu was $23, not bad for a large pizza. To create your own, the cheese pizza was $18, each meat topping was $6 & each veggie was $3, so to make a supreme which is what we normally order when trying a new pizza place, would have put us in the poor house!
We did enjoy our pizza choice though, and we would go back just to get more of those zucchini fries!
Have you been to any great places in your home town recently? Let us know so we can check them out!

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