Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Have a Niece!

My laptop has been giving me fits, so Hubby helped me figure out how to blog from my phone :) That just means I have even more Lynnlea Tatum Lane pictures to share with you! She was born on May 29th, 7 lbs 9.7 oz. 19 3/4 inches.
She is the cutest niece ever born!
 Her Papa thinks so too!
 Proud Aunt & Uncle!

 Her other proud Aunt & Uncle :)
 Daddy was telling a story ;)
 Proud Big Brother!
 Wide eyes!

 Hi mommy!
 Ma loves Lynnlea!
 One day old!
 Big Brother likes sharing pacis!
 Nanny's lap is full of grandkids!
 Hello Uncle Patrick! Welcome back from China! (Yes, Hubby went to China! He went on a business trip the day after Lynnlea was born. She was very happy to see him come back!)
And this is Lynnlea at 2 weeks 1 day! Look at her cute little bow! :) it's official, it doesn't get cuter than her!

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