Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hubby & I got the opportunity to go see Salmagundi on Friday in Carrollton, TX.
It is a variety show style show, showcasing circus acts.
Before the show, a few of the performers were walking around entertaining the crowd.
Oh no! It's a T-Rex!
Hubby walked to the Bottle Shop across the square & got us "the spiciest ginger ale ever" according to the couple sitting in front of us. It is called Blenheim Ginger Ale, & yes it was actually spicy! Very good choice!
There were several great performances, & I was actually able to get clear pictures of a few of them. This is the guy who was sitting in front of us (thanks for the ginger ale recommendation!) in a bubble wrap suit, being juggled around.
A sword swallower!

Yes, why don't you juggle knives around her while she has a sword in her body?!

Bowing with sword in body, probably not covered by your insurance!

Have you ever seen a T-Rex and a mosquito do gymnastics together?
I have!
This was a very fun, quirky, impressive show! They have different acts one Friday a month if you want to check it out!

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