Thursday, June 25, 2015

Treasure Hunt

For Conner's (formally the boy who lived downstairs, working on new nicknames for this precious family since we no longer share a home) 5th birthday gift, he wanted to go on a treasure hunt. So I created a treasure box for him from an old wooden cigar box.
I just used paint, stickers, and a piece of pirate scrapbook paper that I ripped to size & used Mod Podge to keep it in place. I also took some "treasure" with us to be sure he would have something to find.
The original plan was to go to the lake & search for shells & rocks, but with all the rain the lake is closed indefinitely. Instead we headed to some nature trails behind my neighborhood.
At first I tossed the treasure out of my pocket, but he would hear it drop. Then I started leaning over to look at a rock & putting the treasure on the ground then, that worked much better. At one point he said I lead him to all the good treasure ;)
As we were walking back to my truck, he looked at me & said, "Did you hide all that treasure for me?" Why yes, you little smartie, I did.
He told me he loved searching for treasure :)
But next time he wants to find what's already in nature without me hiding it. Sounds good to me!

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