Monday, June 5, 2017

Niece is 2!

Last weekend my sweet niece turned 2!
She had a Minnie & Mickey themed birthday party! So I made a Mickey Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheeseball :)
The cupcakes had mini oreo ears!
A Hot Diggity Dog Bar!
Party favors & Photo Booth props! My sisters did such a great job making this party adorable!
Anyone who has small children in your life, I'm sure will recognize the call, "Oh, Two-dles!"
There was also cloud sand, soapy water, and kiddie pools to play in!
Make a wish Minnie Mouse!
This gift got the best reaction! She pulled it out of the bag & exclaimed, "Socks!!" Everyone laughed, so of course she said it several more times for good measure :)
Ducks! You are never too old for a photo booth!

Then on her actual birthday, we went for our annual Ton's dinner & then got ice cream after. We love our little Lynnlea!
For Lynnlea's birthday gift from Uncle Hubby & I, we went to Play Street Museum in Plano. Lynnlea really liked the space sand!
This place is so cute! It is perfect for little ones (their website says 1-8 years old).
They have a ton of areas to play all with their own theme. She also spent a lot of time cooking in this kitchen :)
Then she fed the baby
Road trip anyone?
She knew just what to do with these magnets, she has a set at home.
To finish off the playtime she colored a picture that she gave to grandma when we got home :)

I forgot to take a picture :( but after our playtime, we met Uncle Hubby at work, and he took us to lunch :) We had Mr. Wok in Plano & Lynnlea loved her Chicken Lo Mein! She was so excited to see her Uncle Patrick!

Happy Birthday Lynnlea! Uncle Patrick & Aunt Krystle love you very much!!

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