Friday, June 30, 2017

10 Years on Top of The World

Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary! For lunch we went to Sal's, which is where we had dinner the night he proposed :)
This is also where we had our rehearsal dinner, we really love Sal's Pizza! We were fortunate enough that Sal was there yesterday so we could share the good news with him.
We then rode the McKinney Avenue Trolley. This is a great date idea! It is free transportation around a small circuit of Dallas that takes about an hour to complete.
You can hop off and back on at the stops, they come around about every 20 minutes depending how many cars they have going. This Trolley car is named Petunia :)
Headed back to the spot he proposed!!
We first went to the Bar & Lounge at Five Sixty Restaurant to have an appetizer & drinks. We shared calamari with a pickled ginger vinaigrette. It had fresh jalapeno mixed into the hot calamari which gave each piece a nice bite. However, we found the calamari to be hit or miss, some pieces were very good and others were quite chewy.
To drink Hubby got a Barrel Aged Old Fashioned which was both of our favorites. I got the Yakuza with was lemony and gingery and very good.
We sat at the edge of the bar by the window so we could see Dallas as we spun in a 360. In an hour you will make the full circle, and then it was time to go to the newly remodeled Geo-Deck.
This spot right here is where he proposed to me 11 years ago! Overlooking Downtown Dallas & Old Red Courthouse.
This time we stayed long enough to see the sunset
This was such a special day to return to Reunion Tower!
I am the luckiest girl in the world, being on top of the world with my perfect man! Here's to the rest of our lives!

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