Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's

I love Valentine's Day! The love, the hearts, the chocolate...What's not to love?! I have always loved Valentine's Day! For the past many years Patrick & I have spent our Valentine's volunteering at a flower stand selling roses & raising money to help our youth group go to camp, give to Speed The Light, & other youth ministry needs. I am leaving this afternoon to go help at the flower stand, but the difference is Patrick won't be with me :( He is sick. I am sad that I am leaving him alone on Valentine's day to be sick all by himself, but when I get done with my shift selling roses I will come home & make him dinner & nurse him back to heath :)
So what are your Valentine's Day plans? Are you going to dinner & a movie? Are you going to cook a romantic dinner? Or be cooked for? Or are you like my crazy sister & think Valentine's is silly?! Love is not silly! ;)
Happy Valentine's everyone!!! I wish you wellness & lots of love!

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