Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I've been meaning to tell you...

1) Elias is doing amazing! He turned 6 months on the 10th, but since he was a micro-preemie he looks & acts more like the almost 3 month old that he should be. He is however off the oxygen! :) Actually has been for awhile, but I forgot to tell you. I wanted to post a couple of pics, but my computer is hating me, so the pics will have to wait.

2) Remember when I told you hubby & I were gonna restart out diet soon? Yeah I almost don't either...and it hasn't happened yet...I only have myself to blame. But today hubby expressed interest in starting again, so I'm gonna stop being lazy & start cooking healthier! Wish me luck!

3) If you remember me telling you that Hubby needs a new job, then you should know that his ex-boss & his wife have found jobs & seem to be doing well :) Hubby is still working the same job, but now that emotions aren't running so high he feels better about being there. He doesn't want to up & leave without knowing he's going into something right for him. So he's still looking, but he's not miserable where he is :)

4) I got 3 of my 5 crafts finished that I wanted to do this summer...the other 2 will have to go on my list of crafts to do this fall :)

5) I know it seems like a long time ago now, but I never told you what hubby & I did to celebrate our anniversary :) Well since it was a Wed we knew we would be at church that night & hubby didn't want to take off work since we are trying to save money, so we went to dinner together that Tues, Wed, & Thurs :) 3 days of celebration! It was a nice time.

6) I did try to make fruit smoothies with my frozen peaches, blueberries, strawberries, some Greek yogurt & a little honey. They were good, but the frozen fruit was difficult to blend in my Magic Bullet. Yes I saw the infomercial & called in...don't judge me... :) Hubby wants to try it again with the pitcher attatchment & see if that helps.

7) I still have not told you about my Belly Dancing class... that's because there hasn't been one yet :( there were to few people showing up for the class so they cancelled it altogether. However, she told me that a new schedule is coming out in September & she said there will be more of a selection of daytime classes starting then. So hopefully, after September 1st I can start taking a class & getting some exercise in :)

8) Lastly, I would like to apologize for my Spinach Enchilada recipe, after rereading it I realize just how rambling it is! I have discovered just because I love recipes & love cooking doesn't mean I actually know how to write a recipe. So if you attempt to recreate my enchiladas, I really apologize for the state of the recipe.

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