Friday, February 14, 2014

Thanksgiving was created by the turkey company!

Or how about: Fourth of July was created by the fireworks company!
Better yet: I don't celebrate Thanksgiving because I don't want "forced thankfulness" 
Do these sentiments sound as ridiculous to you as this does to me: Valentines Day is just a made up holiday started by Hallmark... Or I don't want forced love once a year...
Valentines Day is not about buying cards or being forced to show someone you love them. Valentines day is about celebrating the love you feel year round. Just like we don't only celebrate Jesus' love & sacrifice for us once a year on Christmas, we also shouldn't show love only once a year. But I feel that it is very nice to have one day a year where everyone is joining together in a huge celebration of all the love in our lives! And it doesn't have to all be romantic love, this blog would become way to long if I listed all the people I love (believe me I just tryed ;) )
I would just love to see more love spread today than hate :) so remember to tell someone today that you love them! Happy Valentines Day!!!

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