Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lanier is 1!

Today we celebrated this little cutie turning 1!
A big cupcake for such a little thing!
She was very prim & proper while eating her very first ever cupcake
She didn't want to make a mess in her adorable new outfit!

So Gram helped her out
She's sooo adorable!
Hello Daddy, this is a yummy cupcake!
Here mommy, you try some!
Sitting with her playmates, the lovely baby in purple on the end is Addiejane, our friends April & Eric's sweet baby :)

Hubby & I got Lanier a Darth Tater, because her daddy is a Star Wars nerd ;)

I can't get any reception!
She was waving at the camera :)
Luke was enjoying the present opening! :)
As was Lanier!
Look Aunt Angie, My own pony!!!

Suddenly my foot feels lighter!
It's mine!
Uncle Patrick is performing a science experiment...
It was a great birthday party! I still find it hard to believe my childhood friends are having children! But here's the proof!

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