Sunday, February 23, 2014

Books 10 & 11!

My 10th book on my Empty Shelf is "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher. This is my second time reading this book. My first time through I did not like it, but now that I have gotten more into fantasy literature Hubby wanted me to give it another shot. This is the first book of the Harry Dresden series. I understood it more this time though & therefore liked it more, but I definantly did not enjoy it as much as Hubby does :)
My 11th book to read this year was "Scraps - Adventures in Scrapbooking" by Wendy Bagley. This is a very corny book written about scrapbooking by someone who wants to scrap, but just can't get the hang of it. Also, her sister is a scrapbooker, I think the books main point was to make fun of her sister.

11 books already! Whoohoo :)

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